Careers With Avalar

Avalar Texas Owners Michael Brown, Michael DaSilva and Kay DaSilva

Thank you for your interest in a career with Avalar Austin Real Estate. We are a full service real estate brokerage with three offices located in the greater Austin area including Steiner Ranch, Dripping Springs and 360 & 2222, as well as two additional office locations in Marble Falls and Wimberley! Please take a moment to look below at some of the things we offer to help our agents be more successful.

We would love to visit with you more, so please email or call Michael DaSilva at 512.423.8850 to set up a confidential visit.

We believe that our greatest strength as an organization lies in our sincere desire to help you be successful.This attitude is present in every member of our organization – we truly want to help you achieve your goals. We will do everything we can to help streamline your processes and tools so that you can be more efficient and have more time to enjoy life! Thanks again for stopping by!


Michael DaSilva, Owner and Broker 

Some of the benefits of Avalar Austin Real Estate


  • OUR OWNERS: Kay DaSilva, Michael Brown, Michael DaSilva and Cindi Leech are the owners and are readily available to help with contracts, listings, buyer agreements, marketing and business plans, technology, etc. We also offer to go over the material you put together and provide feedback. Michael Brown is the designated broker, but Michael D, Kay and Cindi are also brokers. Additionally, Kay is the past Regional Director for the Lone Star Chapter of CRS (Certified Residential Specialists). CRS is widely considered the premier designation available to REALTORS.  Michael DaSilva is a Past Chairman of the ABoR Foundation, our philanthropic arm of ABoR.  Both of them serve tirelessly on committees and other volunteer opportunities to make our industry the best it can be!
  • OUR AWARD-WINNING BROKERS: Kay DaSilva was honored as the Broker of the Year by Platinum Top 50 in 2013, and Michael took home the award in 2016!  We are so honored and humbled to have been chosen for this distinguished award not once, but twice!
  • OUR OFFICE MANAGERS are very experienced in serving REALTORS and are available to provide support and help as needed. They also are available to train you on our tools and help you in your business.
  • OUR OFFICES: While we have several different offices, we operate as one family.  So you are welcome to use any office at any time to meet with clients or stop in when you need to use the equipment.
  • OUR TRAININGS. We have weekly training meetings and we train on topics that are important to busy REALTORS – not just “Contracts 101”.  We cover the gamut from business planning to dealing with septic systems and what to do with foundation issues.  The stuff that helps you close more transactions and create clients for life!


  • Online Transaction Management. Going paperless is great, but also can get disorganized quickly.  We have a fantastic tool that organizes all your timelines, paperwork and contacts within each transaction so that you’ll never have to search for it.  And, all the important dates will automatically appear on your online calendar of choice (Apple, Google, Outlook, or whatever!) More importantly, it allows us to do what a broker should do – review your paperwork and keep us all out of hot water!!  You can also share the transaction with the other parties as needed.
  • Free Property Websites. We have a marketing program that lets you create as many as you need, at no cost. It is very easy to use and you can use it for all kinds of things, not just home tours.
  • Discounted Printing. We have a strong discount through a high quality vendor for all of your printing needs from property flyers, brochures, postcards, direct mail, and much more. The material is just beautiful!
  • Multiple MLS Memberships. Sometimes you have unique listings that require a unique approach to marketing. We have strategically chosen several of the best performing MLS systems to join in order to maximize the exposure that our clients receive for their properties.
  • Email campaigns/newsletters. We provide the campaigns and help you set this up making monthly client touches as hassle free as possible.
  • A True CRM.  Client Relationship Management is the backbone of a successful real estate career, and we provide our agents with this invaluable tool, hardwired into their personal websites.
  • Professional Listing Books that we create and customize for you. We can also put these presentations online, so they’re available to your prospects to review prior to a face-to-face meeting.
  • No cost “For Sale” yard signs. Please just return them to the office when you don’t need them.
  • Big Screens. Each office has a large screen monitor in the conference room that can be used while meeting with clients or as a media room to give virtual home tours.
  • Marketing Staff. We create brochures/marketing materials: We can create the flyers for your listings. You provide pictures, content and quantities, then you review/approve and the flyers are printed. There is no fee for creating the flyer, or for the black & white copies.
  • Second Homes. We have a website to promote the second home/vacation home market in the Texas Hill Country & Texas Coast. Our agents provide content for their specialty areas, and there are more territories available – this is a fantastic listing tool for developers/builders! Check out; see what you think!
  • Come on in! No desk fees if you want to have a dedicated spot in the office.
  • Phone Lead Opportunity:  We offer phone opportunity shifts and you don’t have to be at the office because we’ll forward the calls to your cell phone. You also do not have to do property tours in order to get phone duty. The only thing you have to do is sign up for them each month during the office meeting.

The bottom line is Avalar Austin seeks to serve our agents. There are fewer than 60 agents throughout our Austin locations, which is by design – we really want to be sure we never dilute our resources and cause our agents to ever feel like they’re just a number.

To schedule a confidential appointment, please email or call Michael DaSilva at 512.423.8850


Here are a few of our agents to tell you about why they love being at Avalar:

"Michael DaSilva is what every agent wants in a real estate Broker. He is a wonderful, all around great guy that is so very knowledgeable regarding the real estate process. What can I say? Michael DaSilva is an awesome Broker. He is a large part of the reason I have been with Avalar since 2006."

- Diana Proud

"My business has grown considerably since working with Avalar. Simply put, he’s an outstanding broker. I love the fact that he is always available for me to call with questions or advice about a difficult transaction. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has the highest integrity. In addition, Michael promotes a true family atmosphere and working with him is a pure pleasure." 

- Rhonda Durrill

"When I joined Avalar as a relatively new Realtor and coming from a corporate background, it was extremely important to me to work with a broker who is easily accessible, very knowledgeable, and committed to the highest standards of ethics. Avalar embodies all these qualities. They are always available to answer any of my questions or work through any issues I might be having. And most importantly, they are firm believers in running a business with fairness and objectivity. Being a part of the Avalar team feels like being part of a family - everyone looks out for each other, and I think Michael's leadership has a lot to do with that." 

- Melissa Van Leeuwen

"It is a joy to be a part of such a wonderful company, and I cannot imagine working under any broker better than Michael DaSilva. Michael is an excellent and highly respected leader, the most resourceful person I have ever met, and above all he leads the company with personal and professional integrity which is extremely important to me. Michael has been my broker since 2006. Even though I have had many requests to join other brokers over the years, I cannot imagine leaving. Michael is passionate about being available to all of his agents and providing training opportunities weekly in technology, business, and all topics related to the real estate industry and beyond. Under his leadership and support, I've been able to thrive in my real estate career, and I know he will always be there when I need him to help me walk through any "sticky" real estate situations I might encounter." 

- Joy Brillante

If you have any questions, or to schedule a confidential appointment, please email or call Michael DaSilva at 512.423.8850